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  • Borekas


    A crunchy Israeli classic.

  • Black Bean Hummus

    Black Bean Hummus

    Three recipes offer some unexpected twists on the classic chickpea dish beloved by Israelis.

  • Israeli Halvah

    Israeli Halvah

    The most ancient of desserts.

  • Za'atar


    A popular Israeli herb that can be traced back to the Bible.

  • Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea salad featuring two of the most popular ingredients in Israeli cuisine.

  • Stuffed Dates

    Stuffed Dates

    Dates can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients, from a simple whole almond, to nuts soaked in orange blossom water and honey. Here's a recipe for goat-cheese stuffed Medjool dates, a perfect summer snack.

  • Tabbouleh


    Tabbouleh is an Israeli summer salad.

  • Walnut Hummus - Israeli Breakfast

    Walnut Hummus - Israeli Breakfast

    Bold, fresh ingredients make for a delicious start (or middle, or end) to any day.

  • Tomato-Bread Salad with Zaatar

    Tomato-Bread Salad with Zaatar

    A Middle Eastern spice blend with ancient roots.

  • Sabich


    An Iraqi Jewish classic becomes a new favorite.

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