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  • Kufta Kebab

    Kufta Kebab

    Grilled lamb skewers with deep roots in the Middle East.

  • Yerushalmi Kugel

    Yerushalmi Kugel

    The sweet and peppery flavor of Jerusalem Kugel. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes.

  • Schnitzel


    Israeli version of wiener schnitzel, with fried chicken.

  • Baba Ganoush

    Baba Ganoush

    Three recipes for Baba Ghanouj. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Pita


    Israeli Pita. Round Flatbread. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Kibbeh Nabilseeyah

    Kibbeh Nabilseeyah

    Syrian Stuffed Fried Bulgur Wheat. Middle East Jewish Cooking. Middle East Jewish Recipes.

  • Falafel


    Israeli Falafel Recipe. About Israel's signature food--plus, a recipe. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Shakshuka


    Israeli Shakshuka Recipe. A recipe for one of the most popular egg dishes in Israel. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Food

  • Hummus


    Israeli Hummus Recipe You've seen it in the stores. Now you can make it at home. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Eretz Yisrael Cake

    Eretz Yisrael Cake

    Israeli Recipe Eretz Yisrael Cake. This cake uses ingredients commonly found -and associated with- the Land of Israel. Israeli Cooking

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