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  • Fish


    A traditional recipe for the end of a fast.

  • Herring Pie

    Herring Pie

    A resourceful and flavorful herring dish, straight from the shtetl.

  • Forshmak


    An authentic Yiddish appetizer.

  • Baked Salmon

    Baked Salmon

    A symbolic and tasty dish to bring in the New Year.

  • Fish


    Some delicious symbols of abundance and fertility for the Jewish New Year.

  • Herring


    A stinky fish with a fervent following.

  • Gefilte Fish

    Gefilte Fish

    This recipe for gefilte fish is only first course you'll ever need.

  • Masgouf


    The famous fish dish eaten along the Tigris. Sephardic Cooking, Sephardic Recipes. Sephardic Jewish Cooking.

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