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  • Mediterranean Osso Buco

    Mediterranean Osso Buco

    Osso buco is braised in wine and aromatics and served over saffronscented rice.

  • Piedmontese Haroset

    Piedmontese Haroset

    A very unusual and also delightful variety of haroset.

  • Haroset from Italy

    Haroset from Italy

    An Italian recipe for the "mortar" of the seder plate.

  • Pesto Latke Topping

    Pesto Latke Topping

    When it comes to latke toppings, it's not just sour cream and applesauce anymore.

  • Vegetable Pizza

    Vegetable Pizza

    Mediterranean Jewish Recipe. Jewish Vegetable Pizza. Double-crusted vegetable pie. Mediterranean Jewish Cooking. Mediterranean Jewish Cuisine

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