Judaism and Justice

The Jewish passion to repair the world.

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The Jewish community cannot realize its fullest potential to become a people of the covenant, committed to the ethical principles of righteousness and justice, if it remains in its tribal camp, paralyzed by fear and consumed by its perceived need to defend itself from every threat, real and imagined. It is true that without the proper communal mechanisms and political advocacy to properly defend the Jewish people at risk, no Jew would have the luxury to pursue the more lofty, Sinai agenda. At the same time, unless the Jewish community begins to give higher priority to an agenda of righteousness and justice--the agenda that started with the first Jew, Abraham--it will have confused the means and the ends.

That prophetic legacy is why the Jewish people were put on this earth.

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Rabbi Sidney Schwarz

Sidney Schwarz is the president of PANIM: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values and is also the author of Finding a Spiritual Home: How a New Generation of Jews can Transform the American Synagogue.