A Summary of the Torah

A description of the highlights of the Torah, according to the divisions of the weekly portions.

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Vayeshev (37:1-40:23) Joseph's brothers strip him of his coat of many colors and throw him into a pit.

Miketz (41:1-44:17) Joseph successfully interprets Pharaoh's dreams. Joseph is appointed viceroy.

Vayigash (44:18-47:27) Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, who are dumbfounded.

Vayehi (47:28-50:26) Jacob blesses his sons. Joseph dies at end of book at age 110.


The Israelites are enslaved in Egypt. Moses receives the Ten Commandments. The Israelites build a tabernacle.

Weekly Portions

Sh'mot (1:1-6:1) Moses is saved by Pharaoh's daughter. God appears to Moses at the burning bush.

Vaera (6:2-9:35) God brings plagues upon the Egyptians. Pha­raoh's heart hardens and he refuses to let the Israelites go.

Bo (10:1-13:16) Egyptian firstborn children are slain by God. The Israelites hastily leave Egypt and bake matzah from unleavened dough.

B'shalah (13:17-17:16) The waters of the Red Sea divide to make a path for the Israelites.

Yitro (18:1-20:23) Jethro, Moses' father-in law, advises him to appoint judges so as to ease his burden. Moses receives the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

Mishpatim (21:1-24:18) Moses instructs the Israelites in the Law.

Terumah (25:1-27:19) The tabernacle is constructed.

Tetzaveh (27:20-30:10) Aaron and his sons are put in charge of the menorah. The priestly garments are described in great detail.

Ki Tissa (30:11-34:35) The Israelites build a golden calf; when Moses sees it he shatters the tablets containing the Ten Command­ments.

Vayakhel (35:1-38:20) The people bring an array of gifts for the tabernacle until they are told to stop.

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Rabbi Ronald H. Isaacs

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