Parashat B'hukotai

The Blessing of Rain

We must pray for beneficial rain, and then follow through with environmental action.

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Suggested Action Items:

1. Consider switching to a low flow toilet, which alone can annually save several thousand gallons of water per household. Look into low flow shower heads, and think about taking shorter showers.

2. Consider filling the sink or a dishtub with water, washing the dishes, and then gently rinsing them off, rather than leaving the water running the whole time. Brush teeth with the water off.

3. If you are planning to build a house with a driveway, use pervious paving materials or alternative paving solutions that incorporate plants into the pavement. Advocate for your town to take up green alternatives to regular concrete and asphalt paving.
4. Use products and services from companies that promote low greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation, and conscientious waste management.

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Jonathan Neril

Jonathan Neril is the project manager of the Jewish Environmental Parsha Initiative. He is a rabbinical student in his fourth year of Jewish learning in Israel. He received an MA and BA at Stanford with a focus on global environmental issues.