Haftarah for Korah

Having a king won't necessarily make life easier for the 12 tribes of Israel.

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Connection to Parashat Korah

In the parashah that bears his name, Korah and his associates make a bid to abdicate Moses' power. They are subsequently swallowed up by the earth. The Haftarah for Korah compares this inappropriate bid for power to the request for an Israelite king. In many societies of the time, kings saw themselves as gods or as replacements for deities, and their power was unrestricted. If the Israelite king were to behave in such a fashion, he would be just as bad as Korah.

Throughout the Bible, when Israelite leaders reach out to God for help, God comes to their aid. We see this when Moses is threatened by Korah, and God vanquishes Moses' enemies. In a similarly supernatural fashion, when Samuel needs God to affirm a decision, God sends a thunderstorm.

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