Parashat Shlah Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

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10. The two spies were Caleb ben Jephunneh and Joshua ben Nun (14:6-7).

11. God said that he would destroy all of the people except Moses, and start over with a new nation (14:11-12). Moses said that when the Egyptians hear that God had destroyed his people, they will say that after He had taken them out with miracles, He was unable to bring them into the land he had sworn to them (14:13-15).

12. God determined that all those over the age of 20, except Joshua and Caleb, would perish in the desert. Joshua, Caleb, and the younger generation would be allowed to go into the Land (14:29-33).

13. The spies who brought the evil report died of a plague (14:37).

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