Parashat Tetzaveh

Clothes Make The Person

The emphasis on the priestly clothes teaches us the importance of bringing honor and splendor to God and the commandments.

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Dvar Aher

These are the clothes that they shall make... (Exodus 28:4)

The High Priest is compared to an angel, and must have special garments to do his work. Just as an angel is pure, so must the Kohen Gadol be pure as he accomplishes his tasks.

Rabbi Bechaye asks: Why are only six garments enumerated in this portion, when the High Priest actually wore eight garments? Because this parashah refers only to the garments in which Moses clothes him. The High Priest himself put on his trousers in private; and the tzitz was a platelet of gold worn on his forehead. It was an accessory rather than an article of clothing, and so was not mentioned here. (Tze'enah Ur'enah)

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Rabbi Jordan D. Cohen

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