Tetzaveh: A Summary of the Parashah

God describes to Moses the clothing and anointing process of the priests.

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"The offerings on the altar which rise up in smoke shall be an expression of compliance to God. They are fire offerings to God.

"Another ram shall be now be cooked in this holy place. Aaron and his sons shall eat this ram. No stranger may eat of it.

"Seven days shall you perform atonement upon the altar and sanctify it. Henceforth the altar shall be a holy of holies. Whatever touches the altar will remain holy."

God continues to Moses, "At the Tent of Appointed Meetings, I will set times for Myself to meet with the sons of Israel. I will sanctify Aaron and his sons as My priests. I will dwell in the midst of the sons of Israel, and I will be their God. They will experience that I, God, am their God, who brought them out from the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt) in order to dwell in their midst.

"Make an altar with incense which Aaron shall make go up in smoke each morning. It shall be a continual incense before God. Once a year, Aaron shall make atonement for sins upon this altar. This annual atonement is holy of holies to God."

Questions for Discussion

1) A light is to be on continually in the sanctuary. How is this "eternal light" a symbol before the Lord for all generations? How do you feel when you see "the eternal light" in synagogue?

2) God tells Moses what the Priests must wear in the Sanctuary. What difference does it make to you what your rabbi wears? Does it make a difference to you what you wear in synagogue?

3) Aaron?s head-plate of pure gold has the inscription "Holy to the Lord." Where on your body would you place a sign with the inscription "Holy to the Lord?"

4) Why do you think animals are sacrificed to God? What is the meaning of the blood being placed around the altar and on Aaron's clothing? How do you feel when you see blood?

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