When Choosing Between Man And God, Choose Man!

We can attain godliness by acting with kindness towards others.

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A Word

Abraham talked directly to God while sitting comfortably in his house. However, we see that the moment the guests arrive, he attends to their needs, and seemingly puts aside the service of God.

Is it possible that Abraham is putting his guests before God? It is precisely from here that we learn how to properly worship God. Abraham served God by showing kindness and acceptance to man.

Abraham believed that the only way for him to attain Godliness was through acts of goodness and kindness to his fellow people. We see that he was unconcerned with the identity or status of his guests and focused on their needs. We see that kindness needs be extended to all regardless of their personal creeds and lifestyles.

The lesson for us is clear. We, as Abraham's descendants, have inherited this trait of kindness and can attain Godliness by showing goodwill to our fellow man. I believe that this is the message that we must all take from this week's parashah.

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Rabbi Menachem Evan-Israel previously served Hillel at SUNY Stony Brook.