Like Jacob, who paid attention to Joseph's dreams and their effect on the family, we should be mindful of events and experiences that evoke a sense of the Divine presence.

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Our prayer book and worship services offer us the opportunity to be mindful of words that evoke the sense of a world imbued with God's Presence. They help us experience many more mindful moments.

Here are some prayerful thoughts from Gates of Prayer. If we choose to be mindful of words such as these, we can change our own lives and, by extension, the world.

With compassion God gives light to the earth and all who dwell there; with goodness God renews the work of creation continually, day by day. (p. 301)

Help us to become co-workers with You, and endow our fleeting days with abiding worth. (p. 193)

Let not the tears that must come to every eye blind us to Your goodness. (p. 333)

Pray as if everything depended on God; act as if everything depended on you. (p.157).

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Rabbi Jeffrey L. Glickman

Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman is the rabbi of Temple Beth Hillel in South Windsor, CT.